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Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

January 18, 1995

Maumelle firefighters kick tires on new truck
As fire trucks go, Maumelle's new fire engine is top of the line. The $330,000 made-to-order pumper truck with 14-carat-gold-trim -- and a moon roof of sorts -- will allow firefighters to fight fires, clean up chemical spills and perform rescue operations without extra backup.
Maumelle Monitor

August 30, 2000

City hopes for fire camera
While others spent last Wednesday night watching the finale of this summer's TV smash "Survivor," another breed of survivors were training at Maumelle's Bunker #3 along Lake Willastein. Those Maumelle Volunteer Fire Department members used the break between practicing rescue routines to check out a demo piece of equipment on loan to their arsenal.

March 7, 1990

PHOTOS: Chimney fire
Maumelle Department of Public Safety officers and Maumelle Volunteer Firemen clean debris from a chimney at the residence of Ken Fehrenback of Edgehill Cove. Fehrenbach said his wife had just started a fire when she noticed an usual amount of smoke. They looked outside to see the chimney burning.

January 24, 1990

PHOTO: To the rescue
There were no injuries when a recharging car battery exploded in the home of the Myklebust family on Idlewood Thursday. However, the home did suffer damage when a hole was blown in the ceiling. The Maumelle Department of Public Safety responded to the call and cleaned up the acid after the incident.


PHOTO: Saturday clean-up
Maumelle Department of Public Safety officers and volunteer firefighters foam down the parking lot of the Circle K store after a gas tanker developed a leak Saturday afternoon.

February 3, 1988

A lot of smoke, but not much fire
A grease fire stemming from cooking occurred Monday, February 1, at about 11:30 a.m. at the home of Sharon and David Robinson in th Arbour Apartments, 100 Edgewood Drive. It did little damage and no one was injured. mrs. Robinson was at home alone at the time of the fire.

October 21, 1987

PHOTO: Learning to roll
In case of fire, these kindergarten students from Pine Forest learned how to roll in case their clothing was aflame. DeRonda Dickens rolls for Sgt. Mike Davis of Maumelle DPS and for scores of fellow students during Thursday's demonstration.

September 30, 1987

VFD training -- Baptism by fire
Members of Maumelle Volunteer Fire Department and Department of Public Safety received valuable training Sunday through a series of firefighting drills at the old "T-7" building located at Odom North Boulevard and Woodland Drive.