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Officer's Side Compartment IV
Officer's Side Compartment IV The rear-most compartment on the officer's side contains the bulk of tools used to rescue persons trapped in motor vehicle accidents.

The top shelf contains a rescue saw, a set of air-powered cutting tools, a rescue blanket and a device to restrain an undeployed air bag.

The second shelf holds lumber used as cribbing. This cribbing is used to stabilzed unstable vehicles in accidents. This shelf also contains a hydraulic powered ram capable of spreading thousands of pounds. Together with the hydraulic spreaders and cutters, this tool makes up what is commonly referred to as the Jaws of Life.

The bottom shelf contains the power unit for the hydraulic rescue tools, a smaller cutter used in tight spaces, hoses to connect the tools and power unit, and heavy-duty chains.

Officer's Side Compartment IV
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