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Officer's Side Intake
Officer's Side Intake
This area of the truck is used to connect the pump to a variety of hoselines. The large appliance in the center of the panel is the intake for large diameter hose (LDH). The Maumelle Fire Department uses LDH that is five inches in diameter to connect its apparatus with fire hydrants. Because of its size, this hose is literally a water main above the ground.

The two outlets on the right of the panel are used to connect extra hose lines for delivering water being pumped by the engine. The top outlet is designed for hose 2.5" in diameter. The bottom outlet is designed for LDH and would most likely be used when pumping to another fire apparatus. The red intake in the bottom left corner is a 2.5" inlet into the pump. Much like the LDH intake -- only smaller -- this allows water from smaller hoses to be sent into the pump.

The yellow hose stored below the panel is five-inch LDH. While the engine carries at least 800 feet of LDH to connect to hydrants in its hose bed, short sections of LDH are stored along the sides of the engine to connect when longer sections are not needed.

The long, slender metal tools mounted on the left of the panel are called spanner wrenches. They are used to connect and disconnect sections of fire hose from the truck and from each other.

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