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Rear Compartment
Rear Compartment
The rear compartment of Engine 1 features a roll-out tray for easier access to heavy objects. Carried in this compartment are two components of the hydraulic rescue tools -- a cutter and a spreader. The rescue tools -- commonly referred to as a group as the "Jaws of Life" -- are capabled of cutting and spreading many thousands of pounds and are used to free persons trapped in motor vehicle accidents and other rescue situations.

The large pieces of wood on the left of the compartment are called step chocks. These chocks are used to stabilize vehicles that have been involved in collissions. The gray box and attached reel contains four electrical outlets that are connected to Engine 1's onboard generator. With 200 feet of cable on the reel, Engine 1 can produce it's own electricity and provide it nearly anywhere on an emergency scene.

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