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The Maumelle Fire Department Logo
Commitment to Community
The long-standing duty of the fire service has been to save lives and property. Our motto, commitment to community, not only describes the motivation behind fulfilling that duty but our willingness to exceed what is expected of us. It is the Maumelle Fire Department's goal to be of service to our citizens in any way that we possibly can. We are truly committed to the community we serve.
The Rings
Even without the identifying words "City of Maumelle" in the the center of our logo, the symbol unofficially known as The Maumelle Rings clearly identifies our city to most central Arkansas residents. The rings, whose exact meaning are unknown, were the idea of Maumelle founding father Jess Odom. They are as old as the city itself and have come to symbolize all things Maumelle, including the official city seal (pictured at right).

Maltese Cross
The logo of the Maumelle Fire Department is like the symbol of many other fire departments across the world in that it takes the shape of a Maltese Cross. The Maltese Cross became a symbol of protection and a badge of honor several centuries ago when used by a band of crusaders known as the Knights of St. John. While fighting the Saracens for possession of the holy land, the Knights of St. John encountered a weapon never before seen by European warriors -- fire. As the crusaders advanced on the walls of the city, they were struck with glass bombs containing a highly flammable fluid. Once they became saturated with the fluid, the Saracens hurled flaming torches at them. Many knights were burned alive others risked their lives to save their brothers-in-arms from death. Their heroic efforts were recognized by fellow crusaders who awarded each a badge of honor -- a cross similar to the one firemen wear today. Because the Knights of St. John lived for centuries on the Mediterranean Sea island of Malta, the cross came to be known as the Maltese Cross.

The Uniform Patch

Current: The patch of the Maumelle Fire Department began appearing on the uniforms of Maumelle Firefighters in June 2005. The patch is a duplication of our logo, which highlights Maumelle's signature rings and the fire department's motto -- "Commitment To Community."

Previous: Until Summer 2005, the uniform patch for Maumelle firefighters was that of the former Department of Public Safety. The patch included symbols representing law enforcement, firefighting & emergency medical services -- the three areas of service the department provided.

Historic: This patch was apparently used by Maumelle's Public Safety Officers in the 1980s. It is uncertain what dates this patch was active but it is believed to have replaced the patch below.

DPS Patch

Historic: This patch is reported to be the original patch for the Department of Public Safety in the early 1980s. Officers at the time referred to it as the "dying chicken patch." It is provided here courtesy of Mike-Snook.Com.