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Test Announcement

CITY OF MAUMELLE announces that Civil Service examinations for the position of entry level Firefighter will be given on Saturday, January 14, 2012. Qualifications for taking the exam are:


1. Be a United States Citizen

2. Be between the ages of 21 and 35 by date of hire

3. Be able to pass a background check, a drug test, and a physical examination

4. Possess a high diploma or equivalent

5. Possess a valid Arkansas driver’s license

Beginning salary is $30,334.00 per year with an excellent employee benefit package.

The application process will begin immediately and end Friday, December 30, 2011. 
A completed City of Maumelle application is required. Applications may be obtained at the City’s website (
click here to download an employment application) or from the City’s Human Resources Office.

No applications will be accepted after the close of business (5:00pm) on Friday, December 30, 2011, regardless of post mark date or any other form of verification that the application was sent prior to the deadline.

Central Baptist College is offering tutorial classes to assist applicants in their preparation for taking the Fire and/or Police exams. The cost for this resource is less than $60.00 and is available to the public. For additional information regarding this resource please contact Ms. Lisa Padget, CBC Office of Admissions, at 501-329-6872 ext 168.

“EOE – Minority, Women, and disables individuals are encouraged to apply.”

This ad is available from the Title VI Coordinator in large print, on audio, and in Braille at (501) 851-2784, ext. 233 or

Hiring & Employment FAQ

Q: What exactly does a firefighter do in the City of Maumelle?
In short, a little bit of everything. Members of our department are called upon to provide a vast assortment of duties. Emergency duties include, but are certainly not limited to, treating persons who are sick and injured, fighting fires, rescuing persons trapped in automobile accidents, response to hazardous materials situations and investigating fire alarms. Non-emergency duties include training of all types, fire inspections, testing of fire hydrants, public educational presentations and maintenance of fire equipment and apparatus.

Q: How rigorous is the work?
Firefighting depends on your being both physically and mentally prepared. The job requires you to be at your best when others are experiencing the worst. You will deal with citizens who are sick, seriously injured or dying. You must operate in a calm and cool manner when those around you may be hysterical. Although there is downtime in the fire service, there are no breaks. When the alarm sounds, we respond regardless of what we are doing. Calls for service interrupt meals, sleep, and even bathroom time. All aspects of firefighting require physical exertion -- from hoisting ladders on a fire scene to lifting patients on a medical call.

Q: What is the hiring process like?
The process is simple. When the department announces that it will be offering an eligibility test (the next test is January 14, 2012), visit Maumelle City Hall at 550 Edgewood Drive for an application or download one at theHuman Resources web site (link will open in new window). Submit your completed application to the personnel office by the deadline, which December 30, 2011. (The deadline is for receiving applications at city hall, not for them being postmarked.) If you meet the requirements in the announcement listed above, you'll be notified by mail of your eligibility to take the civil service entrance exam. For more information about the application process, contact the Human Resources Department at (501) 851-2784, Ext. 242.

Q: What should I expect when taking the civil service test?
The test is a timed general knowledge exam that measures basic math, reading comprehension and listening skills. Firefighting knowledge is not required to successfully pass the exam. All applicants who pass the test will be ranked by score. This list will be submitted for review to the Civil Service Commission, who will approve its use for hiring entry-level firefighters in 2011. When a position becomes available, the top three names on the list will be given to the fire department to interview.

Q: Is there a study program available for the test?
Central Baptist College is offering tutorial classes in early December to assist applicants in their preparation for taking the Fire and/or Police exams. The cost for this resource is less than $60.00 and is available to the public. For additional information, please contact Ms. Lisa Padget, CBC Office of Admissions, at (501) 329-6872 ext 168.

Q: How many firefighters will be hired?
The number of firefighters hired is determined by the year's budget allocation and any vacancies that may be created by members who leave the department. In 2004, five firefighters were hired. One was hired in 2005, three were hired in 2006, one was hired in 2007, four were hired in 2008 and three were hired in 2009. No firefighters were hired in 2010, but three new positions were added for 2011. Also, remember that the hiring list is good for at least one year.

Q: What is the department like?
As recently as 2002, there were only four career firefighters employed by the Maumelle Department of Public Safety. Those four firefighters engineered a pumper while police officers cross-trained in firefighting responded to calls in their patrol cars. Today, citizens are protected by an independent fire department that has 24 career firefighter positions, a fire marshal, a fire chief and 18 volunteer firefighters. We hope the future is as bright as our recent past. As Maumelle grows, plans include expansion of the department. Our new headquarters fire station was completed in March 2010 on the city's northside and there are plans for a new fire station on the southside of town in the near future.

Q: How much training do I need before I can apply?
How does none sound? Although previous training and experience as a firefighter will give you a better idea of the work we do, it is not required. All probationary firefighters are assigned to a recruit school for initial training in firefighting, emergency medical services and hazardous materials response.

Q: What is "Rookie School" like?
Most probationary employees are assigned to the firefighter standards class at the Arkansas Fire Academy in East Camden. The 13-week program certifies each firefighter to nationally and internationally-recognized standards in firefighting, emergency medical services and hazardous materials response. Students will graduate the program having completed Firefighter I & Firefighter II curriculum, will be certified as a National Registry Emergency Medical Technician Basic and will possess Hazardous Materials Awareness and Operations certifications.

Q: What sort of pay do firefighters make?
A probationary firefighter in 2011 starts at $30,334 with an increase to $31,168 upon successfully completion of all probationary year requirements. Currently, the position of firefighter has a maximum salary of $37,690, which is reached after eight years of service.

Q: What is the work schedule like?
Maumelle firefighters work 96 hours in every two-week pay period. Each firefighter is assigned to one of three shifts that work 24 hours on duty followed by 48 hours off duty. Firefighters are assigned a "Kelly Day" in any pay period where 96 hours would be exceeded. This gives the firefighter a shift off duty while saving the city the expense of paying overtime.

About Maumelle
Maumelle is located on the north bank of the Arkansas River adjacent to metropolitan Little Rock, Arkansas' capital city. Maumelle, an incorporated city with a population of nearly 18,000, is a community designed for people to live in, work in, and play in -- in harmony and in balance. The city is the fastest growing municipality in Pulaski County and is designed to accommodate an eventual population of 25,000 who can enjoy neighborhood living as a part of a total environment which includes job opportunities. The City of Maumelle includes lively residential neighborhoods, attractive commercial areas, and one of the South's finest and most attractive industrial parks.

Maumelle is a self-contained lifestyle community with all the advantages -- yet none of the drawbacks -- of urban living. There are schools, churches, shopping facilities, medical facilities, police and fire protection, and a variety of community facilities for residents to enjoy. Yet, the scenic beauty of woodlands and streams has been preserved. Both residents and businesses delight in the countryside atmosphere.

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