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Truck 1

Truck 1

Truck 1 was a 1991 LTI 75-foot quint apparatus. A quint is unique from traditional fire engines and ladder trucks in that it can perform five (thus the term quint) functions. It carries water, it can pump water, it carries hose lines, it has a large aerial ladder and it carries a compliment of ground ladders. A fire engine does not have an aerial ladder and a traditional ladder truck is not equipped with a water tank or pump.

Truck 1 carried 450 gallons of water, had three 1.75" pre-connected handlines, a 2.5" attack line, carried several hundred feet of 5" supply hose and was equipped with a full compliment of ground ladders. Truck 1's most notable feature was its 75-foot aerial ladder. Truck 1 was the first ladder truck in the city's history. The ladder was most often used as an elevated master stream when fighting fires from the exterior of a structure.

For most of it's history, Truck 1 was staffed by volunteer firefighters on an as-needed basis. On September 6, 2014, the fire department began staffing the truck with a driver-only around the clock. This insured the apparatus responded on all structural fire calls. The staffing decision was also made in preparation for the arrival of Truck 1's replacement -- a 100' Sutphen aerial platform -- in December 2014.

After Tower 2 went into front line service, Truck 1 was moved to reserve status and filled in for front line rigs that were out of service for maintenance or repair. After more than 26 years of service, Truck 1 was placed out of service for the last time when hose and equipment was removed from the rig on March 11, 2018 to make room for a replacement for Engine 1. 

Truck 1

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