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Hydrant Maintenance
The Maumelle Fire Department depends on more than 700 fire hydrants located throughout the city for water when fighting a fire. To insure that these hydrants are ready to use when needed, firefighters inspect and test all hydrants every year. The annual testing period generally spans the months of October and November. Please read this page to learn valuable information about the testing process and how it can affect you and the water at your residence or business.

Hydrant Testing
Captains Shane Holmes (left) & Scott Eaton test a hydrant in the Osage Falls subdivison.

Inspection & Testing
When testing hydrants, firefighters inspect each plug for damage. They check to make sure the hydrant is free of obstructions, that all outlet caps are lubricated and that the hydrant opens and closes easily. Any hydrants found not in working order are covered with an orange bag so that firefighters do not attempt to use the plug for water supply. The water company in charge of the hydrant is then notified of the problem.

While insuring that the hydrant works properly, firefighters must flow water. One outlet is opened and the water pressure is measured. In most cases, the water stream is directed into the street and away from houses, vehicles and landscaping. If you come upon firefighters testing hydrants, do not drive through the water. The high pressure and/or any debris in the water line could damage your vehicle.

When firefighters are testing & inspecting hydrants in your neighborhood, your tap water may appear cloudy or slightly discolored. This discoloration, which is not hazardous to you, is caused by sediment in the water mains that is disturbed by water flowing from the hydrants. If you notice discolored water, run your cold water tap until your water has cleared. If the problem persists, contact the water company that provides service to your residence or business:
     Maumelle Water Management     (501) 851-3070
     Central Arkansas Water     (501) 372-5161


Hydrant Is Marked Out Of Service
Captain Eaton covers an out of service hydrant so that it is not used for firefighting.

How you can help
Residents of the city can assist the department with hydrant maintenance by keeping the area around fire hydrants free of obstructions and landscaping. A 36-inch radius around the hydrant should be clear of vegetation or landscape improvements. Unfortunately, some residents try to hide fire hydrants from view. Such obstructions not only delay the efforts of firefighters during a fire, but are also in violation of the International Fire Code as adopted by the city in 2004.

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